Laser Technology

Yantai Hykol Measurement Technology Co. Ltd. offers the best contactless measurement products and systems available in world. Since Hykol foundation, we offer brilliant support and service to our customers world wide and help them to reach their targets.

Detailed Product descriptions:

Lots of our sensors and systems are custom made, therefore ist difficult to show them on the webpage.

On request we can send you our catalogue of our standard products which are:

  • Laser Distance Gages
    • range from 10mm up to 3 km
    • accuracies from microns to cm
    • up to 30000 measurements per seconds
    • target surface temperatures up to 1500°C
  • Laser Doppler Gages
    • measurement output speed up to 25000/s
    • 0 speed
    • better than 0,05% accuracy in speed and length
  • Hot Metal Detectors, Scanners and Loopers

For more info contact please.